October 30, 2005

Marfa, Texas

I forgot batteries for my D70 so no instant gratification photowise...

These are a few things that struck me today:

In response to the question, "Where can I find a drugstore?" asked in Marathon: "Drive down 90 about 27 miles."

Ants so big they feel like pebbles if you accidentally step on them.

A group of cowboys and their wives at saying a prayer before dinner, heads bowed, hats bunched together: "Dear Lord, thank you for the land and it's bounty..."

A weeping willow in the wind catching the last rays of sunshine, and then turning dark against the sky.

The judge whose eyes moistened when he told me his son had died.

A man who when asked how long his family had lived here, crinkled his eyes, tipped his hat and said, "Siempre. Siempre vivimos aqui."

Mars in the night sky so red it felt you could touch it.

Jackrabbits. First one then 20 more darting across the road in the headlights.

The silhouette of lone man standing far out in the desert, a tree on fire.

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10/30/05 10:33 AM

Texas: a different country.

10/30/05 04:38 PM

PS Hope to check out Marfa myself sometime. Have you checked out the Donald Judd work there?

10/30/05 08:48 PM

great descriptions. Almost as good as photos.

10/31/05 09:52 PM

moving entry. thank u for the email. you always respond so quickly i want to be more like that.

11/09/05 07:51 PM

Texas - I miss it so much. Every word in your post stuck a chord....been there...that's it for sure.

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