October 8, 2005

Late Night Neruda

I am headed to bed, but before nodding off I thought I would fill my head with a bit of Neruda, actually picking up a book, instead of scanning the usual internet dreck. I always say I don't understand poetry (and secretly think most of it is unreadable), but Neruda's words always wash over me and make me feel the beauty and sadness of the world all balled up together with impossible grace. His poetry also reminds me of my courtship with Jenn and that long hot summer when we first met... he was always my secret weapon...

Anyway, a bit of Neruda is a nice way woo someone... and if you've found that someone, it's a nice way ease yourself into dreamland. Goodnight all.

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10/08/05 10:59 AM

I love neruda. Which collection were you reading? Do you read in Spanish or English?

10/08/05 07:28 PM

It's sweet that there's someone who still uses words like "court", and especially "woo". :)

How did you and Jen met in the first place? It'll be interesting to know that background information.

10/11/05 01:39 AM

seth: hard to go wrong with Yellow Heart or Odes to Common Things... 20 Songs of Long and a Song of Despair is also excellent.

10/13/05 11:21 AM

My former husband wooed me with Neruda as well. He would do translations and then read them to me.
A Song Of Despair was my favorite.

10/13/05 11:13 PM

Check out Roger Housden's books. His anthologies I think you would really like, he connects the poetic with the spiritual.

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