October 24, 2005

408 Edwards, 1988

The image below was taken on this day, Oct 24th, 1988 in my senior year dorm room. I'm embarrassed to reveal that still have most of the stuff pictured. That kilm is sitting in our kitchen floor. The Tibetan mask is staring at me here in in my attic office. The postcards in a desk. Etcetera. I haven't even throw out the Macintosh IIf sitting on the desk (it still boots!). I never throw away books.

There is so much I did not know back on that date. Within a little more than a year a series of tragedies would turn my world inside out and send me reeling... So much I could not have imagined standing there looking at my tripod... but I should not feel smug in what little I know now, because that moment of complacency is when life's broadsides can do the most damage.

I do wish I could go back and talk to my college self and tell that guy that it all works out. That all those years in between are worth it. That you can end up exactly where you want to be, in love with your family, enjoying life more than should be legal, and looking forward to what's next.

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10/24/05 08:34 AM

You write with an openness that leaves me breathless. Heading East is one of my favorite blogs,

10/25/05 09:39 AM

raul, a very interesting retrospective with depth. thank you for sharing.

and yes, it is time to recycle that old Mac! ;-)

10/27/05 06:05 PM


10/29/05 12:29 AM

Memory rush. I came across one of your beautiful letters from college this morning and googled you. In my first click I found myself back that wonderful room of yours. As we are both old married souls now it is probably not kosher to talk about the fun we had back then, but you gave me some of the loveliest weekends of my young life and I have always wondered what became of you. Reading through your blog what makes me marvel is not how much you've changed but how your voice has remained true. If David and I pass through New York we must all get together. Your wife I'm sure is something special and your boy is so handsome! I won't embarrass you more here, but expect a long email as soon as I can get my thoughts together.

11/07/05 02:03 AM

I think we need a post about jess!

01/06/06 06:03 PM

I loved your words. ;)

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