September 20, 2005


If you were walking in the vicinity of Hicks and Atlantic this evening you might have heard a long loud man scream. A rat, one of the large armadillo-like ones that come up from the river, jumped off a fence using me as stepping stone on the way to the ground. So yeah, that was me. Inelegant I know.

posted at 02:09 AM by raul

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09/20/05 02:53 AM

Inelegant but quite appropriate, giving the situation.
Being used by rats as stepstones is not good. Not at all....

09/20/05 08:24 AM

that is foul.

09/22/05 12:39 PM

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!! I would have had a coronary on the spot and be six feet under now...

09/23/05 01:57 AM

My grandmother tells me that when she was growing up in Mexico City the rats were bigger than the cats! She also used to find scorpions in her room every week, can you imagine that? I'd keel right over!

- Ariela

09/26/05 06:27 PM

oh that's bad!
did anyone come running to your rescue when they heard the scream?

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