August 24, 2005

Post Trip Shave 1993, 2005

posted at 03:24 AM by raul

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08/24/05 11:33 AM

whoa! very cool

08/24/05 12:03 PM

wow, you look so much like your dad in your pre-shave picture. Glad you are back in the homeland safe and hopefully sound.

08/26/05 09:37 AM

Hola Raul,

Me llamo teresa, trabajo para una publicación online sobre latinoamerica

He visto tus fotos y me han gustado mucho, especialmente la que has titulado como: fatherson, me gustaría utilizarla si es posible en la portada, podrías por favor ponerte en contacto conmigo.


08/26/05 01:43 PM

having known you since you arrived in NY in 1990 I have to say I'm shocked by these pictures because I don't think of you as looking any different than the day I met you! I remember you asking me if you could take some pictures for a series and that you wanted to take them again in 10 years. I said no because I didn't want to see myself age. Now I feel sad!

We need to catch up (and I need to meet your baby!).


08/27/05 05:05 AM

Crazy. The beard adds at least 10 years.

09/11/05 01:12 AM

you where great then and are now, just different : more naive perhaps a while ago, more word savy now.

09/17/05 02:45 AM

i detect a bit of grey even in 1993! a bit of stress even then i see.

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