July 11, 2005

How to Travel Well

2 Weeks. I'm counting off the days before I depart for Kham, the Litang Horse Festival. and beyond. I have a few private rules about "out there" travel, the first being that one should not take more than they can easily carry. This is a little list I wrote for myself long ago:

How to Prepare

1. One bag.

2. Bring a small book with photos from your life.

3. 2 places to hide money (I use a moneybelt and a pouch).

4. Cash converted to local currency.

5. Xerox all documents, credit cards ect.

6. Study the Lonely Planet (and other guide books), but leave them at home.

7. Bring a notebook, and use it.

8. Find the best map.

9. Take the smallest road.

10. Get lost (because this is where the journey begins)

What to do once you are there

1. Don't randomly stick a camera in people's faces. Slow down. Hang out. Take out your camera only when you are leaving.

2. Eat what local people eat, as long as it's hot.

3. Drink more water than you think you need, but make sure it is well purified (I use idodine).

4. Travel using local trains and buses.

5. Avoid places with English menus unless you are in England.

6. Wander around at night (only then can you guarantee anonymity).

7. Even if you can't speak the language you can always talk to people via sign language and patience. If you can't communicate at the very least smile.

8. Ask questions.

9. Don't complain about: bathrooms, hotels, food, buses, etc

10. Go someplace that scares you a little.

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07/11/05 09:42 AM

Definately words to travel by. Thanks for the advice.

07/11/05 11:40 AM

Another place: My mom once sewed my money into my underwear before a trip.

07/16/05 04:39 AM

Any plans on posting a Tibet itinerary, a “Raul–Lonely Planet-Tibet” guide…? I’ve researched ways of getting there and am very curious what avenues are investigated or how one is to mitigate between air costs and large terrain by bus/hitch/hike. Getting to Nepal is expensive, but its next to Tibet. Is going first through China cheapest? Which airports? What travel engine, time of year to go?

I've read a Tibet is a moving target, how did you pin it down? ok enough questions for one post…curious as hell.

Safe trip Raul.

07/16/05 04:41 AM


"I've read a Tibet VISA is a moving target,"

04/06/08 04:11 AM

I like to travel

04/06/08 04:16 AM

Nice traveling....

11/06/08 03:45 PM

What are your thoughts on learning the local languages? Do you try to study up before you leave home or just pick up whatever you pick up as you're there?

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