June 6, 2005

It is beyond late...

... and I'm still clicking away trying to finish up a project that never seems to end. I am weary...

Earlier tonight Jenn read to me--various passages from a book she is into. Jenn is a reader in the way I used to be and would like to be again. We had been lying down together on a twin bed staring at the ceiling and talking about how sometimes we miss our baby when he is asleep when she said, "Oh I have to read you something..." and so she did. It is hot in our apartment and we don't have enough fans. We were lying a few inches away from each other so as to not generate too much heat and stick together but there was a hint of breeze through the window and I had just finished a popsicle which cooled my insides so the temperature was bearable. So Jenn read and I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sounds of her voice and the nice words she was reading. Outside the sounds of Brooklyn.

I have many friends who are wary of benefits of marriage (which is of course their prerogative), but if I could just find the words to color all the ineffable emotions of that small moment and so many others like it, I feel sure their ambivalence would dissolve into want with a capital W for the things they do not yet know.

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06/06/05 07:20 AM

Beautiful, Raul.

06/06/05 07:56 PM

Very nicely worded. No picture could describe the image created.

06/07/05 12:21 PM

It is easy to be sharp and cynical about marriage. Sincere expression of its virtues are harder-won. Lovely. Thank you.

06/08/05 12:18 AM

If you want to, please check out the Asian American Writers' Workshop in Koreatown. http://www.aaww.org. It's a 2nd home for me.

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