May 24, 2005

May 14, 1994

I have no idea why I wrote this or where I was, but this little snippet was scribbled in the margin of a notebook and dated 3/14/1994. Sounds like a bad short story:

Sometimes I find myself pulled with sudden and inexorable force away from everything to this place. Again, of course, as always rain. Other than the downpour on the roof, not a sound. Here I can finally rest and have a moment of peace and perhaps sleep. Nobody knows I'm here.

. . . .
Jenn's sister beck has been blogging as of late. Jenn claims she wants to blog, but won't start until she finds the right name.... I think everyone should blog. Then we can all keep tabs on each other without leaving the keyboard.

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05/24/05 01:41 AM

Jenn's always liked the name, "Jiffy-burger".

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