May 5, 2005

a tree grows in Brooklyn no more

The city has been cutting trees around Brooklyn Heights at a scary pace. Three 50-100 year old trees have vanished just on the route I use to get to the subway. I asked a city worker why they were doing this (assuming the answer would be disease). His reply, "I don't know. They tell me to cut them, I cut them. Maybe the roots were hurting the sidewalk, but it could be anything."

It's gotta be disease, nobody would cut down a tree just because the sidewalk was a little uneven... would they?

I vary my route now to avoid the corner. Makes me sad.
. . . . .

My dad and stepmother are back in town. As Frederik of said the other day, "the goal in life is not to be a parent, but a to be a grandparent."

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06/06/05 12:01 AM

The tree cutting is due to Dutch Elm Disease.

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