April 8, 2005

Mexican Lullaby

My grandfather always sang this one to me:

Mira la luna
Comiendo su tuna;
Echando las cáscaras
En la laguna.

Aquel caracol
que va por el sol
en cada ramita
llevaba una flor
que viva la gala
que viva el amor
que viva la concha
de aquel caracol.

. . .

and while we're on the subject of the moon.... Luz de luna

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04/09/05 11:13 PM

great song!!!!

12/31/07 08:51 PM

That sounds pretty but I would love to hear it with a tune or music. Are there any other Spanish lullabies that you know of?

05/16/08 10:49 PM

I have been looking for the second verse of mira la lund for more than 60 years. Different as I just remember the 1st line of the second verse. "mira el sol con su caracol"

05/16/08 11:36 PM

My grandfather sometimes started the second verse like that...

Mira el sol
con su caracol
en cada ramita...

03/20/09 08:36 PM

Great lullaby my grandma use to sing to me mi pollitos dicen.

03/20/09 08:36 PM

Great lullaby my grandma use to sing to me mi pollitos dicen.

03/25/09 07:28 AM

My grandmother taught the first verse to me differently.

Luna, Luna
Come tuna
Y echa las cascaras
en la laguna

04/03/10 03:40 PM

is the tune familiar to us ?

10/03/10 11:21 AM

Thank you for posting this. My grandfather also used to recite this to me. I don't remember any accompanying tune. It was more like a nursery rhyme he would say. I've wondered for years how it went, as I could only remember the first two lines. Thanks again!

07/12/11 04:34 AM

Wow. I would really love to find the tune to this lullaby. I have searched all over, and I cannot find anything. Anyone have any leads?

08/21/11 06:08 PM

I remember a song that mi mom used to sing to me but I don't know all the words. Maybe someone can help me? It goes something like this:
A La Ru, A La Ru
Mi tesoro eres tu,
A tu lado estare y tu sueno velare......

I dont remember the rest. If anyone knows it please let me know. I would like to sing it to my daughter.

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