April 10, 2005

In Rhyme

Our kid likes it when you sing, so we sing. Songs are made up on the fly... things like:

He's a chubby chubby chubby bear
He doesn't have a single single hair.
He's a chubby chubby bear,
He doesn't have a hair,
He's a chubby chubby chubby chubby bear.

(it goes on but I will spare you)

Anyway once you start doing this EVERYTHING becomes a little ditty in your head.

It's time to write my blog.
My mind is in a fog.
I should be asleep.
Why am I a freak?
Time to, time to, time to write my blog.

Quite maddening really.

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04/10/05 02:56 PM

lol. i completely relate. we have a diaper change song, a song when our little guy crawls up stairs, a song for walking outside...they're endless. you don't realize you have the poet in you until you have children, i guess. =)

04/11/05 01:11 AM

I find myself singing to my baby to the tune of "Manamana" of Sesame Street Fame. I improvise by throwing in my nicknames for him. You have to "act the fool" as a parent to keep your kid entertained. You'll turn into even more of a fool when it comes time to feed them baby food. Anything to get them to open their mouths.

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