April 14, 2005

Costco Reaction

There are certain places - crowded malls, busy Kinkos, Walmarts, suburbia, that inspire in me intense feelings of panic. My wife named the syndrome "Raul's Costco Reaction". Upon entering a Costco I feel ill, suffocated and slightly crazy and have the strong urge to run away. Jenn on the other hand LOVES Costco. She deems shopping there 'thrilling' and can spend hours comparing/weighing/and figuring out how to get the best deal on a pound of butter. Normally this would not be a problem (I would simply stay home), but now with our #1, I'm forced into service. If you ever want to see a miserable Raul, picture me pushing a heavy shopping cart filled with giant tubs of random food, baby strapped to my chest, wife slowly going through her long list. That was me today. If I end up in hell, I'm pretty sure it will look like Costco. That or the old Kinko's on Lexington and 77th run by Samoans where the lines were always out the door, the heat always cranked to unbearable, and the toner cartridges always empty. After a few minutes in there I would find myself muttering, "Death of the soul, man. Death of the soul." Sigh.

. . .
p.s. To the nice lady reader of this blog who said hello while we were at Costco today. I hope I didn't seem abrupt or startled. See above for an explanation of the green tinge in my face.

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04/15/05 12:59 AM

hey, just found this blog via your photoblog that was referred to me.

if you want panic - try the same set-up on a saturday afternoon at an ikea.

as a father, you'll learn to appreciate costo. trust me.



04/15/05 05:53 PM

I agree with Patrick. Ikea on the weekend is hell on earth. What's worse is how many people seem to be enjoying themselves.

I thought moving to Mexico would help me escape the superstores, but just the opposite. Walking distance from my house here is a Wal-Mart the size of Palenque and a Costco even larger.

04/15/05 08:53 PM

I'm the lady who said hello and I am sorry to have burst on you that way. I loathe shopping. But at Costco I figure it must be a deal; so I buy the stuff en masse and run for the hills, hoping not to return for many moons.

04/30/05 02:02 AM

I hate Costco (and their affiliate, Sam's Club) too, which we have here in suburban Jersey. My sister, who's teaching in Jilin, China -- one of the remotest parts of the country, even has a Sam's Club there! AIYAH!

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