March 26, 2005

Staten Island Ferry

I generally don't feel old, but looking at this picture from the summer of 1971 or 72 with the towers unbuilt and my mom at 25, 13 years younger than I am now, I feel old.

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03/27/05 01:26 AM

Your comments here about your mother, the setting, and the date made me also feel nostalgia for lost times, too. Have you read this book by John Berger ? It's called : "And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief as Photos". You could get it off the second-hand book market very easily. I also recommend to you:
"Ways of Seeing"- it's by the same author.
It is very strange to see the 2 towers in your photo just being built. Time can change the significance of a photograph so dramatically. For me, that's where the melancholic moment begins.

05/03/05 12:49 AM

My family and I used to pay only 25 or 50? cents (one of the few things in NYC that is actually cheaper now!) and ride the Staten Island Ferry. We would also indulge in banana chips from the snack bar.

05/29/05 12:28 AM

You had to pay even 25 cents!??!! It was a nickle when I was thre.

I grew up on StatNisland (the proper way to pronounce it). Boy, do I rememder the humidity. Yuck.


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