March 4, 2005

NY Public Library Digital Archive

If you are a New Yorker (or just someone who loves New York) with any sense of history, check out the NY Public Library Digital Image Archive. It's a treasure trove of amazing images.

Here's a shot of the original breathtaking Penn station before it was destroyed to make way for the colossally ugly Madison Square Garden:

I suggest you start searching by plugging in the name of the street you live on. :)

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03/06/05 02:42 PM

Thanks for posting about this! This is awesome!

03/05/08 04:33 PM

Think this is incredible? Try looking up the first three Madison Square Gardens or Hammerstein's Olympia theatre or the replica of the Irish Castle that used to grace the north shore. Look up the designs of Stanford White. I am angry to have been deprived by such beauty and grace for the sake of capitalism. Thanks for reminding everyone that newer is not usually better.

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