February 22, 2005

rules to live by

In the margins of a book I never finished reading I listed a manifesto of sorts, 100 rules to live by. The date was March 18, 1992. I won't bore you with all 100, but many years later the list would pretty much the same although the order would be somewhat different. Here are the top 10 by my 25 year old self.

1. Travel someplace that scares you.

2. Paint your walls even if it's not allowed. White is for sanitariums and prisons.... unless you are one of those people really really into white. Then explore the color white, there are endless shades.

3. Have mysterious projects.

4. Keep a journal. Write some of what you did...ie the facts of your life, but more importantly write how you experienced it.

5. Take more pictures than you think you need to. You're already older than you were a moment ago.

6. Vary your route. The most interesting stuff is around the corner.

7. Keep secrets (but on quiet nights after many years tell the person you love).

8. Don't worry about traffic.

9. Zero your debt.

10. There is more tragedy in the world than you know, but there is also more beauty. Do not ignore tragedy. Accept it, but accept joy with equal intensity.

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02/22/05 07:20 PM

you know, raul, i think i speak for a lot of people when i say, we sure wouldn't mind reading all hundred of them...and raulito is becoming more and more handsome. good job on the excellent blending of genes!

02/23/05 09:09 AM

And I second it too... :)

02/23/05 03:56 PM

i second it three... ;)

02/23/05 04:39 PM

a fourth, what are you waiting for, your public needs your sage wisdom

02/23/05 05:22 PM

Come on raul. as long as I've known you, you have been so very interesting. i want to how you do it!

02/24/05 12:51 AM

ok deal. But it will be a while... much to type!

03/08/05 07:55 PM

Lovely list; how many of the hundred do you live by - and how did you fit all of them in the margin?!

(Stumbled across your site via flickr)

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