February 16, 2005

baby don't do it

Little by little I'm getting a sense of our boy's musical tastes. Every morning while his mom is still asleep we hang out upstairs and listen to some tunes while we play on the floor. At 10 weeks he registers instant joy or distain for songs... Happily itunes makes switching tracks easy.

He definitely enjoys classic country, smiling through Tex Ritter and Karl Denver. Hank Williams is a fav, although (worryingly) he seems to prefer the really dark songs like Ramblin' Man and Lost Highway to peppier numbers like Jambalya.

He is indifferent to 'difficult' jazz. Mingus in particular seems to annoy him. But Donald Byrd & early John Coletrane put him in a good mood right away.

Almost any 80's rock elicits a frown. Big 70's bands like Led Zeppelin are also a no go.

The kid likes funk. The funkier the better. I throw on Mothership by George Clinton and he lights right up. He smiles through Don Julian's version of Shorty the Pimp and by the time we get to Lynn Collins singing Baby Don't Do It he is practically laughing.

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02/21/05 01:10 AM

Glad to hear that the kid is developing an ear for funk and country.

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