January 4, 2005

Brooklyn Bridge

My grandfather (on the left) on the Brooklyn Bridge with friends (circa 1929), and me on the bridge with friends (circa 1989 I think, also on the left). Next time I have to do a better job of recreating the original.

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01/04/05 10:50 AM

Did you notice the resemblance of Bill Torres to your grandfather? There's some kind of eerie symmetry going here.

01/05/05 05:59 AM

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06/11/09 08:54 PM

That looks like the Manhattan bridge to me. Note that behind them are subway tracks and the lower roadway. From the Brooklyn Bridge path you don't stand next to traffic, but above it. Same with the Williamsburg Bridge.

06/11/09 09:49 PM

Yup. I've since come to the same conclusion... a train did run on the brooklyn bridge for a long time, but the thing that convinced me is the crosshatch of the fence...

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