January 23, 2005


On days like today there is usually a window of time when the snow is still falling and before the snowplows and shovelers arrive where the city is transformed becoming the domain of kids on sleds, happy dogs, and intrepid urban skiers. Snowball fights erupt with random people in the middle of the street (which is indistinguishable from the sidewalk), snowmen are built and destroyed with glee, and life seems uncomplicated. As Jenn would say, happy times, happy times.

. . .
In the meantime, on the Upper West Side, Aunt Becky was having her own happy times:

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01/23/05 12:20 PM

silly silly picture. I love it.

01/26/05 12:49 AM

is this the proper forum for the 'i'm a human bullet! i'm a human bullet' story?

01/26/05 02:57 AM

perhaps I will put the human bullet story down... maybe when I have an ounce of brain power left.

01/26/05 02:33 PM

Those snow pictures are so much fun!

Lynda in Louisiana

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