January 8, 2005

attic lair

Today I had 2 email requests for a picture of my home office (actually one was a geek asking for a "shot of my computer rig"). I don't know what these people are imagining, but it's a rather dreary attic space, stuffed with books and computer equipment, in a 160 year old brownstone. I'm a Mac guy and run things off of a G5, a G4 and an iBook. I've been trying to organize the place since we moved in back in September but life being what it is, I'm sure I won't be done until it is time to move.

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01/08/05 01:19 AM

I was reminded of composite photo techniques by a post I saw today on flickr by Donald Andrew Agarrat who has the technique down cold. I've been playing with composites since I was a kid and might have to dig out some of my old images (which were done in camera)... I have a couple of composites on my flickr site.

01/08/05 01:18 PM

cool indeed

01/10/05 07:44 AM

wow - and I thought one raul was scary.

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