December 8, 2004


a boy... a 10 pound 10 ounce, BOY!

Jenn showed true toughness today. Much more on the labor later.

Our son, yes son, is so perfect... At conception we had thought this baby was a boy, but 2 OBs and a couple of fuzzy ultrasounds convinced us otherwise.... so a closet full of girls clothes will have to go into storage awaiting #2 or 3. We know Olivia Magalene Min-Ok is out there waiting to be born... and I think we have to miss her just a bit... In the meantime, please say hello to Raul Andres. The boy entered the world to a roomful of amazed delivery nurses and doctors not to mention two impossibly proud parents.

Raul Andres is the name I was supposed to have before a mixup between Monterrey and Vietnam left me Raul Antonio. We are lacking a Korean name just yet, but that will be settled in a day or two. 'Raul' is because Mexicans name their firstborn after the dads; 'Andres' is for my great great grandfather. We had chosen the name in the first few weeks of pregnancy before doctors thought they had determined the sex.

The boy spent his first hours calmy looking at the faces of his family who had gathered round and then taking a healthy feed. He barely cried, remarkably comfortable in this world. His first major facial expression was a yawn. The baby's eyes are dark and penetrating and remarkably present. Both parents are vaguely terrified. In size alone this kid seems like a handful.

I have been up 24 hours. Must get a few hours shut eye. Much love to both our families, and everyone who was so great in supporting us today.

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12/08/04 06:56 AM

congrats congrats congrats, can't imagine how excited I, a random reader in Georgia am for you guys.

I've been following along since last summer!

Love from way down south,


12/08/04 08:24 AM

Thinking of you in Dublin.


12/08/04 11:21 AM

I can't believe it's a boy! I yelled at Michael, thinking he was being cruel, and was frustrated he was joking around at something as serious as the birth of your first child... when he came in the room and accounced it was a boy-- but, it is! Raul Andres is incredible, just beauiful, congratulations!!!

Enjoy the little 'girl' Christmas outfit I mailed to you yesterday...


Becky in Los Angeles

12/08/04 01:18 PM

10 pounds!! Jenn is my hero. I thought my 9 pounder was enormous. the great news about big babies is that they sleep through the night quickly!! Congratulations -- i have 3 boys and they are amazing.

12/08/04 03:44 PM

I think this baby is good luck! ::-' Tomoko, Japan

12/08/04 04:16 PM

I am the resident at the St. Luke's who assisted last night. You guys were an amazing team. Inspirational for all of us to see a couple work together so well. Your wife is one in a million. And what a fantastic baby. Gorgeous. I applaud you both for sticking to your guns and avoiding the c-section. I wish there were more like you. Everyone left the room with huge smiles.

Please don't forget to send the photos you promised!

12/08/04 05:22 PM

WOW. Your wife is my personal hero. I'm pregnant with a largish baby (They guess 9 pounds at 38 weeks) and this gives me hope that I can avoid a C-Section. I'm going to email some questions to you privately.

12/08/04 05:35 PM

We said prayers for you in Lufkin yesterday. Can't wait to see that little cowboy. When are you coming back for a visit? Your many friends here are thinking of you. Please post more when you have some time--which you won't for a long while!

12/09/04 01:49 AM

all newborns are ugly, but in the realm of the ugly you are hot stuff


04/27/11 09:21 AM

Hi Raul,

I've been reading your blog on and off for some time now, after following a random link on flickr I think and now, eventually, I feel like this is a good time to say "thanks for sharing".

wonder how my/our next days will turn out. Especially this strangely familiar bit: "At conception we had thought this baby was a boy, but 2 OBs and a couple of fuzzy ultrasounds convinced us otherwise", hm....

Anyways, just wanted to leave some sort of hello. All the best for you and your family, cheers,

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