December 23, 2004

Little giant

At his two week checkup today we found the boy has grown over an inch and is now 11 pounds and a couple of ounces. While the doctors keep reassuring us that his current size will have nothing to do with his eventual height, they always seem to chuckle a bit when telling us the news. Also when we ask how his size compares to other kids the answer is always "off the charts"... and again that chuckle. So our fear has been that we have bred a giant. Anecdotal tales have not been helpful. For example today I was talking to a woman from Minnesota. "All our babies our big up there", she said, "I had an 11 pounder myself... but then again, he's 6 foot 5 now."

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12/23/04 04:12 AM

you have an adorable baby... have a great Christmas.

12/24/04 03:00 AM

Not that this means anything but I was almost 10 pounds at birth and now I'm six five and a half. You'll know how big he's going to be by about the 6th grade...


01/07/05 08:35 PM

you baby is ridiculously cute. that's all.

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