December 25, 2004

first christmas

Our friends Michael and Becky came by to check out the kid and share an impromptu Christmas lunch.

I showed them around the neighborhood...

By the time I returned mother and child were tuckered out.

Then Jenn's brother and sister arrived and it was like Christmas morning all over again.

random aside: One strange side effect of having a baby-I now look at people and imagine them as infants. So I'll be listening to a waitress or a butcher or my mother-in-law and mentally I'll find them in my arms reduced to a couple of pounds, quite helpless, and trying to shush them. It keeps happening over and over again. I also keep imagining myself in that state. Maybe I'm trying to hard to get into the mind of the baby... to find out what is so fascinating to him about the shadows on the ceiling... or maybe I haven't been getting enough sleep, but sometimes, I feel like I KNOW, in a visceral way, what it's like to be lying there a bundle of Want, half animal, always on the thin divide between delirious comfort and utter agony.

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12/26/04 12:55 PM

I happened upon your online journal today and spent quite a long time reading all the way back to last summer. You have provided quite a few smiles and laughs. Thanks for sharing. I'll be stopping by again.


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