December 1, 2004


For whatever reason neither of us think the child will be born today. Right now I feel it will be tomorrow night, Jenn has been cagey.

We keep wanting to do things, but it's hard to make plans in more than 6 hour chunks of time, especially when our doctor keeps telling us it could be any minute.

Still we try not to think too much about the actual timing, because if we do, we become like kids waiting for a Christmas that never comes.

In some ways these last days have been the hardest of an otherwise easy pregnancy. Balance is an issue. Clothes don't fit. The belly is itchy. Stuff like that. All that said, Jenn has been calm and productive. We've been cracking each other up. The mood is light.

My dad just told me when my mom was pregant with my youngest brother, she went out and cut the grass which threw her right into labor. Jenn with a lawnmower would be quite a site. Sadly we have no yard.

It's windy and sunny after a night of rain. The house has been quiet except for my tunes playing in the attic office and the sound of the whirlybird on the roof.

I've been informed we are going out for a walk.

stay tuned..

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12/01/04 09:55 PM

i was with my sister when she was going through the same thing. you guys sound remarkably calm. she and her husband were going up the wall. anyway from what i could see the best thing was just to keep living life as normally as possible and being thankful for the extra time you have to prepare. their little boy came a full 7 days late. but the labor was short and the boy was perfect. hang in there. --laura m

ps i found your blog when looking for brooklyn blogs on google. i grew up on henry right in your neighborhood. love the pictures of the streets and would like to see more!

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