November 27, 2004

true mirror

We went to a restaurant tonight on Ludlow that featured a non-reversing mirror in the bathroom. I've always heard that these mirrors freak people out, but I looked fairly normal.

After spending a good 25 years of my life typing in front of a computer virtually every day, today I discovered my dad had no idea how a word processor worked. He seemed truly amazed.... "so it's like a piece of paper that you write on".

No, no news.

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11/28/04 11:04 AM

Your wife looks fantastic. When I was 9 months pregnant I wouldn't let a camera anywhere within a mile of the house. I was a mess. I also find it amazing (and inspiring) that you have energy to do so many things. I was moored to my sofa.

05/01/05 11:37 PM

Oops, it's actually in Brooklyn now.

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