November 8, 2004

Tom Wolfe's Hair

Ellis, the Uzbek, cut my hair again this morning. Apropos of nothing he asked, "Could you get me Mr. Tom Wolfe's phone number?"

"The writer?" I replied.

"Yes. The writer. I cut his hair for 30 years. Then he stops visiting. For three years nothing. Nothing! I thought he was my friend. I want to call and see if something is wrong."

Mr. Wolfe, if you are out there, stop by. Ellis misses hanging out.

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11/09/04 01:19 PM

Tom Wolfe was on the Today show this morning promoting his new book (I am Charlotte Simons), so it looks like Ellis need not worry about him. His book tour starts in NY with an appearance at B & N on Thursday, so if Ellis is really worried he could check out his hair there.

11/13/04 12:31 AM

That is so odd I don't know what to say.

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