November 19, 2004

Oatmeal, Texas

There is this place far away from everything called Oatmeal where they used to listen to fishing on the radio. It's not much of a town--just a cemetery, a store, and a boarded up church. You can get there by turning off the main road between Austin and Burnet and following the the signs for "Live Homegrown Minnows by Pearl". The road is thick with cottonwoods and sometimes you have to swerve to avoid deer darting just in front of you. I used to drive out there hoping to find something.

An old friend having heard a few of my stories paid the place a visit. Apparently they don't play that radio show anymore.

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11/20/04 04:00 PM

I know that radio show!! They would just sit and talk about fish out in the boat. It was hysterical! In high school you always used to talk about that show and one day I was out near there and picked it up. Do you remember the prison radio show you used to be obsessed with? "This is Reverend Bob reporting the word of God from my lonely jail cell." I heard a version up it just a few weeks ago in Grapeland.

Much love from Hudson and good luck with your baby. The next time you are in town you have to bring her. I'm sorry we missed you when you were in town. My kids would love to meet you. They've heard stories.

Missy (from your high school)

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