November 6, 2004

Local Color

Jenn and I have been debating the feasability of travelling with the baby during it's first year. My theory: while the baby is breastfeeding, travelling is relatively easy. Strange food is not an issue. The kid is still relatively light and emotionally undemanding. & The baby will open up all sorts of dialog with the locals. Jenn's theory: I'm crazy.

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11/08/04 01:07 PM

Raul & Jen,

Resign yourself to the idea that you're not going anywhere for a year! Although you'll be breastfeeding, the amount of other baby equipment you need to take with you is astonishing. Plus people on airplanes are disgusting -- sneezing, hacking, coughing -- why take your baby anywhere near that? I speak from experience -- i have 3 kids. Good Luck!!

06/20/05 07:11 PM

A baby definitely slows things down and makes traveling more complicated. Think diapers...disposables are not available everywhere, and cloth diapers would need to be laundered. Is Jen willing to hand wash diapers in a stream in some remote village? Having said that, I would be hard pressed to curb my travel bug.

06/20/05 07:15 PM

Right now the solution is as follows: I'm going to Tibet for a few weeks. My wife is going to the beach. Works for both of us.

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