November 16, 2004


On Sunday we were scheduled to have brunch with the doctors' Winkler. Mrs. Dr. Winkler was due a week after Jenn. It was supposed to be a friendly "let's talk about how things are going in the final weeks" get together. It didn't happen. About an hour before we were supposed to meet, I got a call..."Raul... (heavy breathing)... I'm sorry but we won't be able to make..... lunch. I'm in labor... we're headed to the hospital." The call won points for drama and it freaked us out a bit kicking us into high gear to finish up the details that remained. Now our bags are packed. The nursery is done & stocked. We've taken all the classes, discussed things till we're blue in the face. I think we're as ready to go...

From Sam Shepard's Motel Chronicles:

I keep praying

For a double bill


Bad Day at Black Rock


Vera Cruz

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11/16/04 10:23 PM

saw your mention of the Motel Chronicles and then by chance saw it a few hours later at a used book store. Halfway through now. First book I've enjoyed in quite some time. Any other recommendations?

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