November 12, 2004


With fatherhood impending, I've found myself thinking quite a bit about Jenn's dad. He died young of a heart attack when Jenn was a kid. At the time of his death he wasn't much older than I am now.

We don't have many photos, but in his formal portraits he always seems to be chaffing a bit in his suits, just suppressing a smile. By all accounts he was funny, hard working, and tough--a devoted son and father who doted on his family. I regret his not being here, just as I regret the absence of so many of the others.

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11/16/04 11:28 AM

I'm Korean and I think my parents got married in exactly the same place... we have a picture that looks very similar. I'm going to find it and send it to you guys. Interesting to see your house. I like all the Korean antiques you have. Where do you find them?

11/29/04 12:30 AM

awesome picture

04/30/05 06:02 AM


I'm up here just reading here and there through your entire blog (like an earlier post), and I must say that your blog contains some of the most poignant and real writing I've come across in a very long time. This post about Jenn's father is very moving, and this picture reminds me of my own Chinese family pictures, especially with my baby sister marrying this summer -- our first in the family. I'm glad that my father is still around to witness it, I'm sorry that Jenn lost her dad so young.

Your writing makes me want to cry, keep it up, it's good stuff.

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