October 29, 2004

Kodachrome Part II

I know it's normal for parents to dress their kids in ridiculous outfits... all part of the scarring process. We intend to dress our daughter in little chick suits for example. But some of my childhood clothes were particularly bad.

Here I am as Little Lord Fauntleroy:

(the socks really make the outfit)

And here I am with a bonnet!

And this is my star trek outfit:

I'm sure it was cute at the time, but it seems almost cruel now.

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10/31/04 01:27 AM

Your mom is really beautiful. I only know you from this blog, but it seems like you look a bit more like your dad (assuming that is your dad in the middle picture). But you have your mom's eyes.

I live in Louisiana. A friend of a friend (of a friend) of yours pointed the blog out to me. Not the normal blog bs. Your wife should write some. I wonder about her sometimes. How is she doing with the preganancy? I worry about her. But I look forward to seeing baby photos. Is that weird? Probably. You make me want to change my life. Move to New York. Pick up a camera. Do stuff.

But I rarely leave Jefferson Parish.

Nancy Cassagne

05/01/05 04:38 PM

Ditto, you make me want to change my life too. Funny, how you and your family headed back to NY from LA, while I'm planning to move the other way (though I'm returning to my roots in another way...finding more about my paper son granddad).

Btw, I got a friend, Dan, to bookmark your blog and read it. Check out his site: http://www.thebaby.ca. Cute babies rule!

05/01/05 04:40 PM

It'll be cool if Jenn wrote some stuff too. It'll be great also if you could give some more background as to how you guys met, etc.

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