September 12, 2004

Gental Dental

Has anyone noticed LA has more than it's fair share of scary dentists?


The moving van arrives at the storage facility today and then I'll start driving... The phone call this morning was less than encouraging.

The moving guy: "Leon and Tiny, well you know, they were partying last night, so we'll be late man."

me: "How late."

The moving guy: "Maybe 4 hours maybe 6. I'll call your cell."

me: "4 to 6 hours?!"

The moving guy: "Tiny, man, he's an animal. Good guy though. Don't worry man."

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09/12/04 10:41 PM

omygod one day u have to visit Mesa we have tons of scary dentists offices. My personal fav is one labeled "Dentista Professional!" with a picture of a big bloody tooth wearing a sombrero. Next too it is a picture of a happy tooth being licked by a tounge! I'll take a picture and send it to you. You could do a whole site on scary dentists!

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