August 18, 2004


Spent the day all around Brooklyn...

We saw one nice townhouse in Brooklyn Heights that I was ready to take:

This place was big enough for us (2200 square feet), the price was right, and I loved the block... but Jenn feels Brooklyn Heights is too genteel and too far away from shops/restaurants, so I think we're going to stick with the place on Dean with the storefront/parking/garden. The owners have been super accomodating, the site is only a few steps from Smith street, and the F is literally one block away. It's a construction site now, but come October, we're moving in...

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08/18/04 11:38 PM

and??? did you take it???

08/19/04 12:56 AM

We're talking with the owners, but haven't signed on the dotted line. But the odds are we'll end up on Dean Street...

08/31/04 11:58 AM

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08/31/04 03:08 PM

I suppose getting racist comments like the one I just deleted above is inevitable. I've gotten them all my life--for being Mexican (growing up in Texas), for being a "yankee" (growing up in Texas), for being a gringo (in Mexico), for being white (in China and in Pakistan) and so on. Doesn't bother me the least bit. Jenn's obviously had to deal with racism all her life as well--but it's a bit surprising to get them from a guy who works at Chase Manhattan Bank, 4 Metrotech Center, in Brooklyn. IP address Please email the system admin if you think this kind of thing is inappropriate.

01/31/06 07:29 PM


I have also had problems with this person. Who is he? Can you tell me more about him and the comment that he made? He frequents my forum under the name "topiary gent" and harasses people there.

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