August 29, 2004


I managed to completely miss the protests. This morning I saw both cops and protesters heading south (I was heading north). Later I took a subway right under the thousands of people marching in the street (I could hear them at the 34th Street station stop..sounded like thunder and shook the tracks)... When I headed back late afternoon I caught people going home streaming onto the trains. I expect these will demonstrations will only get bigger throughout the week.

Random aside: One of the Russian doormen who has been unfriendly almost to the point of meanness, suddenly offered to take us around the far reaches of Brooklyn and host us at a Brighton Beach Russian restaurant. Odd. Now that he has offered I feel we have to accept or else there is this lingering invite in the air. Then again it might be weird to be hanging out with the doorman and his wife and a bunch of Russians. After we get back will he still expect tips as he does now? Will I have to chug Vodka as I did throughout Siberia? I don't feel very Larry David about the whole thing.

La Maison des Peintres is an excellent house book if you can find it. It features artists' houses around the world.

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08/30/04 03:04 AM

shouldn't you be out in the streets marching instead of worrying about the color of your baby room? getting rid of bush/cheney is surely more important to your child's future.

08/30/04 01:46 PM

I plan on registering my protest with a vote.

08/30/04 02:43 PM

Uh this is a blog about our moving east. For inquiries regarding our political views and activities feel free to email directly at Better yet, check out our most recently published Op-Ed in the Pakistani newspaper

05/01/05 03:03 AM

Would you mind sending me that article? Thanks!

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