August 31, 2004

Girl with 2 Parrots

I was lucky. Both my parents were semi-obsessed with art. Even when they didn't have a dime, they always managed to find great pieces for our home. My folks found this painting over 20 years ago at a shop in Monterrey. Unknown painter. Unknown subject. It followed my dad from Texas to New York and I'm sure one day it might follow him to Spain.

I've always loved the little girl's big blocky feet, the details like the gold earrings she wears, and the bird she holds. I've been looking at this painting over half my life and I still keep wondering about the story behind it.

. . .

Jenn has been spending way too much time on the message boards. She reads me the highlights. Funny stuff.

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05/01/05 03:06 AM

You were lucky to have parents like that. I wouldn't know what I would have done without literature or the other arts in my life. It is as essential as oxygen!

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