August 10, 2004

Dead tired

Well it almost killed me, but all 18,000 pounds of our stuff is in storage. Our 10x40 unit is full to the brim.

Now that it's over I'm back in the empty house and feeling sad. Gotta get out of here. Perhaps I will visit Bob Plummer LA framer extraordinaire to get a few final photos/paintings done. I've been pulling them as I packed. Bob is the best framer I've ever met. He KNOWS wood. Leave your email in the comments if you need his number. He's also a swell guy and better read than just about anyone you would ever meet.

In NYC Jenn is feeling sick (maybe I gave her my cold in Chicago), but she found a decent place in Clinton Hill. I'm eager to check it out.

Shots from the day:

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07/29/08 12:47 AM

Please can you forward to me Bob Plummer's email address or even his phone. But that would probably be inappropriate. Unless you ask him first! If not too much trouble for you. He is indeed the best and favorite framer, also rode a nice motorbike....if you just tell him tina silvey wants to talk to him and needs a frame for an unframable piece of art I'd really appreciate it. tina and many thanks.

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