August 5, 2004


Is it crazy to consider a house in Norfolk or New Canaan? We could buy the place outright have loads of space (and money!) left over.

We both have been mulling this over. But it's hard to commit to the idea. Would we go stir crazy out there? Would we ever make it into the city? Things to ponder.

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08/10/04 08:01 AM

My husband and I looked at a townhouse in Buck's County (NJ/PA)- 3 BR, renovated kitchen, basement, attic and a teeny backyard- for $350k. It really made us reconsider the insanity of buying a 2 BR co-op in the Queens or Brooklyn. In the end, we decided that there weren't enough gourmet amenities for us so we gave it up. But you might want to consider that. Here's the house...

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