August 13, 2004

Ah, New York

I've been enjoying calling around and setting up apartment tours.
Some of the more amusing snippets from the day:

Frankie: What's your name sir?

me: Raul.

Frankie: What kind of name is that?

me: Mexican

Frankie: I don't do Mexican, not even the food.

me: Well I'm Mexican-Irish if that helps.

Frankie: I don't like them either. [click.]


Heidi: You'll have to call the super, Paul, to get in, but I warn you, he gets in fights with people.

me: What you mean?

Heidi: He's disturbed, you know, he gets in fights.

me: That's scary.

Heidi: You don't have to live with him, he's just the super... But when you see him make sure to speak gentle.


me: I'm calling about the apartment on Duane.

Jim: Yeah, what else is new?

me: Would it be possible to see it?

Jim: Call me tomorrow.

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08/27/04 03:25 PM

ROTFLOL. This is the funniest thing I have read all day. Peace.

Catherine in Melbourne

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