July 11, 2004


So on July 11th, we sold the house. One month to closing and one month to get ourselves to New York. You can click the picture for more images if you care.
The house sold in 9 days and went for asking. We sold it for double the price I paid in 2000. Not bad, but we're not sure we made enough to get a place we love in NYC. Our broker convinced us to list a bit lower than we wanted, this might have been a mistake as I wouldn't have minded waiting for a higher price. Still it's hard to argue with the profit. Time to get motivated.

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07/31/04 11:27 PM

Congrats on the sale! I stopped by the open house to take a peek on the 11th. I found your house online as well as this blog through your broker's email. Your home was by far the best place we've had seen but unfortunately we can't buy until we sell ours and ours doesn't go on the market until next month. We hope to be in Silverlake though. I loved your artwork and hope you will talk about it in this blog, I'd like to know more about many of your pieces... especially the Mexican paintings. I'd also like to know more about the history of your home especially the Ester Williams connection. Good luck on your new adventure and on your baby!

--Carolyn W

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