April 2, 2007


Simon Roberts' Motherland will be hitting bookstores soon. Like Andrew Moore's Russia it is ambitious in it's scope. Roberts' images are a bit less formally elegant than Moore's and have a more of a documentary feel about them, but I like sense of national melancholy they suggest. I hope we see more strong photographers venture out into the Russian hinterlands as there is much to chew on out there.

In addition to the book site linked above, Roberts' personal site includes additional projects from Russia and elsewhere.

p.s. if anyone knows of a good survey of contemporary Russian photography I'd love to check it out.

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04/17/07 07:59 AM

There's another great book from Russia out soon, published by de.MO, and it is "Wonderland, a fairytale of the Soviet Monolith", by Jason Eskenazi. I'm biased as he's my friend and I've seen the book, but it is great. Traditional b/w 35mm, shot over about 10 years, at times funny, at time poignant. Always great.

04/17/07 10:03 AM

I second Jeremy's suggestion. Link to images here: http://www.groupm35.com/eskenazi/wonderland/

08/14/07 01:55 PM

I third Jeremy's recommendation! And, well, uh, I will promote myself a bit here, why not?! (Shameless!) Anyway, I just started a project in Russia courtesy of the Guggenheim Foundation, it's essentially an examination of the curse of power in Russia, and the wounds it inflicts on those who don't have it. Or something to that effect!

Anyway, Simon's book is excellent, so is Delahaye's Winterreise, Eskanazi's is incredible,a major acheievment in the last 10 years I'd say, Moore's Russia is okay, also Sergei Maximishin from St. Petersburg has a wonderful book out (oh man, drawing a blank, sorry!) and De Keyzer's Zona, etc., but those are all foreign with the exception of Maximishin.

I have come across some stellar photographers in Ukraine, all of whom are unknown, and are not working photographers (most of the at least). Just love to do it. Very much in the documentary tradition, straight up 35mm b&w. They'll be a pretty major exhibition of this loose knit group of photographers in Kiev in the winter - when I get details I will post.

Also, I like to persue the photographer.ru website for local Russian photographers.

Well - just stumbled upon your site, quite enjoy. Thanks!

- Don

02/14/09 09:37 PM

I would not say that Roberts' book paints an entirely accurate depiction of what life is like in post communist Russia.
But the book does contain some very striking landscapes together with a nice collection of environmental portraits.
Thats about it.

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