February 21, 2006

77 Superstar

A few days ago a friend doubted my childhood East Texas accent. How wrong you are my friend. How very wrong you are: Recording dated December 28, 1977 (mp3 format)

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02/21/06 03:41 AM

aha! that's a great one!

02/21/06 01:18 PM

You lie. This is not you.

02/22/06 12:30 AM

"Too Tall Jones [Sigh]"..." Randy White.... and others"

Funniest audio link I've come across in a very long while.

02/24/06 02:42 AM


03/13/06 03:11 PM

Damm.... that pic looks familar. Seems I knew a girl who had a older brother when we were growing up. The shelf in the background looks like the one they use to have..... Na....They lived in the foothills in Ca.

06/05/10 02:17 AM

What accent? I don't hear anything unusual. :^)

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