August 24, 2004

Urban drama

Sometimes in big cities you will catch a little snippet of conversation that tells a larger story, only you never know how the story ends.

Here are today's bits of urban drama:

Man to sobbing woman: That's just the way it is baby. You gotta understand.

Street artist: This one is a schematic of a UFO and that one is the view from the Tapanzee bridge.

Woman on cellphone (distressed): I'll send you the CAT scans.

Man to woman: I swear to god I was there. I swear to god I was there. I swear to god.

Woman: That's what you say but that's not the way it was.

Man: I swear to god I was there.

Man with big hat to cell phone: Say that again. I dare you to say that again. You sorry piece of crap. I can't believe you just said that.

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08/26/04 01:09 PM

why can't there be more happy comments?

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