August 11, 2009

Lies I've told my 4 year old recently

The mole men live in the subways.

The bird men live in the skies.

The monster doesn't actually live under the bed (he's hiding somewhere else nearby).

There are 71 flavors of snow, but only 63 flavors of water.

If you sing enough, you will never grow old.

Don't worry, I lock up bad dreams in little cages.

Every good room has a ghost.

When we made you, we left part of ourselves behind so you would never be lonely.

Your shadow knows your secrets.

Books hide when they don't want to be read.

Time moves faster when close your eyes.

You knew everything, but then you were born and forgot, and now you have to learn everything again.

Be nice to your brother, he will always be your best friend.

We're not lost.

Moms and Dads never really get lost.

We know exactly where we're going.

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08/11/09 04:01 AM

But your shadow does know your secrets!

08/11/09 10:04 AM

Your lies get more believable every year. Love these. Personal favorite: There are 71 flavors of snow but only 63 flavors of water.

Raul: Could you do me a favor? I am trying to find the post where you put a link to the silk-screened t-shirts that your wife makes and I can't find it. Would you let me know what the link is please? Thanks,


08/11/09 10:34 AM

In my case time moves slower when i close my eyes...

Raul's wife's little company is
My son wore the bus all last winter and the garbage truck shirt all summer. I'm about to stock up for back to school.

08/11/09 03:21 PM

I like the ending... I always feel like that. I'm a superhero to my kids, I know, but like everyone I'm just a regular guy who fails all the time and doesn't always know the answer. Maybe at some point the dynamic switches and it becomes about the lies the kids tell their folks. When they pretend they don't know you are lost.

08/11/09 05:26 PM

This is hilarious and just made my day. Thanks for the share.

08/11/09 05:45 PM

Made my day too. Gracias. Love everything about this blog! Love your twitter stream as well. Hysterical.

08/11/09 08:45 PM

Cierto como la vida en sí.
(En la sería más acorde, simplemente)
Fabuloso texto, señor.

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