April 18, 2009

Abuelito's Ears


My son Gabriel has my grandfather's ears. I love them so.

posted at 11:45 PM by raul

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04/19/09 01:51 PM

Your kids are going to have an amazing set of pictures of their childhood. I'm jealous. I have exactly 12 pictures of myself between my birth and age 5. Especially nice that you seem to take so many of your second child. My older sister has albums worth of pictures of her first years.

04/20/09 11:31 AM

Your son is adorable! Very beautiful photo as well!

ps. thank you so much for your email and the info about the photo I asked! I really enjoy your posts! ox natsumi

04/20/09 06:28 PM

Lovely photo. Great ears!

04/27/09 04:16 AM

Great picture too! real artful!

05/03/09 03:28 PM

it's great that you noticed, because it's important, and you might be the only person to have seen that...

I saw in a photo of my great-grandfather that he lay his hand on his thigh just like my son does now..

06/25/09 09:33 AM

pure heart bursting love.

08/19/11 08:46 PM

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