May 9, 2008

Alejandro Cartagena's Lost Rivers

I received a nice email the other day from Alejandro Cartagena, a Dominican born photographer, who has lived for many years in the city of my birth, and the city closest to my heart, Monterrey, Mexico. Cartagena was a researcher on one of my semi-obsessions, a book titled Nuevo Leon, Imagenes de Nuestra Memoria and he is also responsible for a photo project I've been meaning to post titled Lost Rivers . If you've spent much time in that part of the world you know the significance of the often empty river beds that lead off into nowhere. In fact Monterrey itself is split in half by a lost river, the Santa Catarina, that is a chaotic mix of sand, overgrown palms, squatter homes, markets, and soccer fields. But you don't have to have experience in Mexico's northern states, to appreciate the melancholy of photographs of rivers vanishing into the dust; some photographs speak for themselves.

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05/09/08 07:01 AM

creci, vivi y estudie en Mty, pero ya llevo casi 10 anos fuera. gracias por recordarme un poco a mi terruno!


05/09/08 12:42 PM

another great link. thanks.

05/14/08 09:03 AM

Que linda foto. Que triste lo que ilustra.

05/14/08 12:36 PM

And God knows how much we miss the river when we're breathing hot air and it's 100° F...

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