August 5, 2007

Night Trains, Morning Trains

Almost every night when everyone is asleep, I'll rearrange my son's train tracks. We have wooden tracks, the kind I wish I had when I was a kid. (The secret to buying kids trains is to not worry so much about the trains themselves, but get a good variety of tracks). I sit on the floor in the semi-darkness and try to come up with an interesting design because I know in a few hours my son will wander in dragging me by the hand and the first thing he'll do is study the new tracks before sitting down and playing trains for a while. He's never asked why the tracks are always different, it's just how things are in his world. It's little my way of telling the kid I love him. Sometimes, like this morning, I'll fall asleep on the couch while he's there playing and when I wake up I'll be covered in carefully placed cars and trains covering me from head to toe. I figure that's his way of saying he loves me back.

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08/06/07 03:55 PM

I'd send you my sons tracks to add to your collection but I am keeping them for their kids. You are lucky Raul Andres is mellow, I can't recount the number of times my boys would run in my room, jump way up in the sky and knee me in the groin, to get my attention. It was their way of telling me they love me or ensuring that no other siblings would join them and compete for precious resources.

08/07/07 10:55 AM

Ah. We do this too. It's so sweet when he wakes up and gasps in delight at seeing his little world of trains. I guess your son loves train? Ours is practically obsessed. Hence, we are inspired to have started our children's book!

08/09/07 03:22 PM

This is so cool! I've been wanting to do the same thing with my sons lego blocks. I think tonight I will do after he goes to bed. A good way to show I love the little guy (and an excuse to play with his toys).

01/18/09 12:45 AM

I came across this page by accident but Im glad I did...this is one of the most subtle but moving things Ive heard in a long time...I am reading all of your other stories and they are beautiful...its nice how moments create life...

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