August 9, 2007

Keith Arnatt

Although I'm generally not big on conceptual art, I've had a soft spot for the work of Keith Arnatt since discovering a zine-like book of his images many years ago in my college art library. The book, consisting mainly of people being buried in one way or another, was unexpected, amusing, and compelling.

The Photographer's Gallery in London is running an Arnatt show through September and if there are any English readers of this blog who want to win my eternal gratitude, I'd love to be sent a catalog (catalouge!), a postcard, or even a review of the show...


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08/09/07 06:48 AM

your wish is my command. email me your postal address..
we'd be delighted.

08/09/07 02:36 PM

interesting that you filed this one under art where as most photography you file under photography or photographers. Does the fact that he was a conceptual artist make him less of a photographer? Or does the fact that he wasn't primarily a photographer make him more of an artist.

I've never heard of Arnatt but his work does seem fun I like my conceptual art best when it's witty and fun... Although I admit when conceptual artists are VERY VERY serious I find that funny too. Nothing gives me a case of the chuckles like an all too serious art performance or happening..

08/09/07 05:10 PM

Looks very interesting. I think I'll go to this. Thanks!

08/13/07 10:20 AM

It's a good show, and it's less conceptual than the two overt examples here. Now I think of it - it's still conceptual. Pics of garbage and macro close-ups of dog poo.

His black and white landscapes are less fun, but solid and memorable.

09/11/08 07:00 AM

keith is deffo an conceptual artist. he lacks humour persee as a human. but asa succint way of showing and indeed indulging it thru his work. At xmas he's a challenging grizzly ols sod who can be drawn into befuddled statements and irrational quips, very clever, but sly. Also there is that humour lurkin at all times, it's just sop subtle n not overt

12/06/08 09:42 PM

for the guy who posted on 08/09/07

interesting points man. I think that arnatt is filed under artist, as opposed to photgrapher was because he used photography as a means to record his own interactions with the given space he photographed.

dunno tho, ive just really seen 'self burial' (where he buries himself) think its well good!

Loved the comment on serious conceptual art - haha! catch too much joke from this stuff!

02/04/09 07:43 AM

I was taught by Keith many years ago – you can't really call him a Conceptual Artist if you consider Art & Language to be the paradigm. He was a curiously attractive figure in a '70s art college as all the other tutors weren't artists at all by comparison.
If you look closely at the last frame of Self Burial you'll see the hose from his wife's washing machine poking up. He's under there! Mad bugger. bless him

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