October 21, 2006

Last week for Travels Without Maps

This is the last week my show Travels Without Maps will be up at the Nelson Hancock Gallery... The show has led to more good things than I ever could have imagined and has been great fun. Please stop by if you happen to be in the Dumbo vicinity.

111 Front St. #204 (Dumbo)
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Gallery Open Wednesday-Saturday 11-6

**Update, the show was extended a week and now runs through Nov. 4th.

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10/21/06 06:55 AM

Why isn't New York in London! Would love to have made it to the exhibition. Maybe the next one. Congratulations, by the way, on your show. Have admired your work for some time and regularly visit this blog.

Technical question: were most of the images shot on film/transparency? Or is it all digital?


10/21/06 10:39 AM

I saw the show last weekend during "under the bridge" and loved it. Uncannily good. Might go back today if time permits me. Glad it has led to unimaginably many good things for you.

10/21/06 06:23 PM

The show looks beautiful, congratulations. You can tell the prints are gorgeous and the way everything is set up works very well. I love the idea of the chairs in the room. I really wish I could go.

I saw a print of Pieter Hugos' hienna men today in Mexico City. It turns out he's part of a World Press Photo exhibit. Amazing.

10/22/06 01:17 AM

Saw the show today and was totally wowed. I like your images online but your prints are gorgeous. And when I was in the gallery a couple bought 2 prints and I saw lots of red dots so I think you must be doing nicely. My question has to do with framing. Why the 2 types of framing styles? Both were fine but I much preferred the thin silver colored ones...

10/25/06 12:58 AM

I also preferred the silver ones. We used frames owned by the gallery. It just happened that they didn't have the enough of the silver ones in inventory for certain size images...

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