October 24, 2006

Eric Newby

Years before I ever stepped foot in India or Pakistan I traveled to those places via the words of Eric Newby, the great English travel writer. Newby died yesterday at the age of 86. If you are a fan of great tales told with understated humor pick up A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush or Slowly Down the Ganges. You won't be sad.

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10/25/06 02:36 PM

This is sad news indeed. I enjoyed his style of travel writing very much and he was a pretty good photographer too. He also somehow comes across as the kind of person you would enjoy meeting in person. Too late for that now, alas. For anyone with a nautical interest I would also recommend his book "Learning the ropes", describing his time as teenage apprentice on one of the last great sailing ships involved in the Australian grain trade.

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