May 9, 2006


When I become friends with someone I am always interested in going through their family albums and looking for faces or traits that appear generation after generation. A childhood friend came from a family of women with large floppy ears and arrow straight noses. The other features would be re-arranged, but the ears and noses were on face after face. In my own family my father and I are of my grandmother's line and are marked by our noses, and expressive eyebrows (my son has the eyebrow as well, but so far seems to be of Jenn's dad's line) whereas my brother is of my great grandfather's line of tall men with of strong chins. Some photographic evidence below. The images below are of my great grandfather, my grandfather, my uncle, and my brother.

Whose face do you carry?

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05/09/06 12:18 PM

In our family personalities are passed on even more than facial features. Everyone always told me I was a clone of my maternal grandmother, something I didn't believe until I read her diaries and on page after page felt I was reading my own writing.

I'm a longtime lurker. I have a blog but feel shy about posting it for some reason. You words and pictures inspire me to do better.

05/10/06 01:26 AM

My father, his mother, her mother and her mother all have a large freckly right above the belly button. Sometimes when I miss my father and my grandmom I put my finger there and think of them. I'm pregnant and hope my son gets it.

06/09/07 05:18 AM

I'm not really shure about this, but, I think we might be related somehow! in other pictures I saw photographs named Andrés, and José Dolores, those were my grandfather, father and grandfather, this is soo cool, and when I saw the pictures about Parás, I knew were all this was going too! but is good to know new relatives! my mother is Anabella Gutiérrez Oliveira, and my grandfather was Angel Gutiérrez González (RIP) he passed away last december, in the second photograph they look just the same!

Well nice to meet you cousin or uncle!

I'll leave you my email so we can be in touch!

03/27/10 08:26 PM

My father's family was made up of tri-racial Free People of Color, so we have very mixed background although we all identify as African-American.

At some point in history, one of my White ancestors MUST have had red hair and freckles. Because this trait has been passed down through so many generations.

Back home in our small town, most people know I am of my dad's people just by looking at me. My dad and several of his brothers and sisters have red or reddish-brown hair and freckles. No matter how far down the line, a great-great grandchild will have a red or reddish-haired, freckly kid.

My husband has considerably less mixed-race background--he is quite dark--but our daughter has that red glint in her light brown hair. I laughed when I saw that reddish hair and red eyebrows for the first time when she was born. No freckles as of yet, though!

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