One Two Journal Project, an update

The response my little journal project has been most gratifying. In fact so many of you have signed up that it will become a Two Journal project with one book traveling roughly clockwise across the map, the other counterclockwise [red hat and yellow hat as it were for you Tibet aficionados]. If everyone does their part and sends the journal off in about a week each one should take about a year to make the full rotation. When the journal arrives on your doorstep you will find complete instructions on what do do inside. There are a couple of slots left so if you are interested email soon because once I put them in the mailing envelopes the list will be closed.

UPDATE: The project is now closed. The journals are traveling.


Brenda Fronda said...

Is it to late to sign on?
Let me know....sounds like a cool thing to be a part of.

4/27/2006 12:42:05 PM  

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